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It is a difficult time for so many and I am grateful that we are here close to family, all of us are healthy and safe and also grateful for all the people continuing to work, and on the front lines. I have been thinking about how I can put my talent to use and capture this incredibly historic time in our country’s history as well in our families. I have never seen or experienced anything quite like what our country and our world is dealing with right now.

I believe I found a way to do something in a safe and responsible way (following all current CDC and Government policies of social distancing as it is allowed) while doing something that is important, to me and I hope your family.

The PORCHraits Journal idea is to photograph my neighbors on your home’s front porch while, we both abide by the current CDC approved guidelines for social distancing. I want to know what you are feeling, how you are coping and what are some of the positives you can share with your community. My goal is to  share how important we are to each other during this crisis through a beautiful image of your family.

If you are on the front line of this pandemic please consider having your portrait created with your family today, now! Let us show our support for you! What you do is beyond valuable for our community. 

I will be photographing from that safe distance using a longer zoom lens creating an environmental portrait of your family. Although it may appear I am close it is because I am using a 200mm zoom lens and have the capability of cropping tighter in light room. Your portrait will be shared on my website, social networks and in printed materials along with your story. 

You will also receive my favorite posted image as a shareable file as a thank you for participating.

I am looking to feature the families of North Eastern CT. Our Quiet Corner. ( Woodstock, Pomfret, Putnam, Thompson, Killingly, Brooklyn, Sterling & Plainfield )

If interested please fill out this form! I will review all forms and based on location and approximate to one another, let you know of when and if I can make it out to your area. Sessions are only 15 minutes long. Thank you., 

This is how people see me when I come out to photograph them. This is how I see them. 

Your Family - Your Story

  • Husband and & are both considered essential employees. Marc is a Correction Officer & must go to work.  I am a television producer & also must go to work.  We are both working longer hours due to the virus. Both boys are home & doing school work through online, distance learning. The positive is when we are all home we are all together!
  • WE can do this!!!!
  • Trey would have started his junior year baseball season this weekend.  Maxim would have started his freshman year of lacrosse at LaSalle Academy in Providence. WE haven’t talked about it but both boys are fearful that spring sports won’t come back. It’s sad because sports has a way of really bringing people together!
  • It’s a very stressful time in our family.  Harry is an ER physician at Hartford Hospital and at this crazy time in all our lives we fear for his safety.  We pray every day he and his colleagues get the safety supplies they need to save the lives of those affected.  On a positive note, we are all together, eating meals each night as a family and making the best of our time together.  
  • Don’t take your health for granted. Get out there and exercise, eat healthy foods and enjoy family time.
  • It’s important to teach our children to not panic, but take the advice of the professionals and listen to their suggestions on how we can stay safe.

  • Positive:
    We are enjoying some quality family time. Having Dominic home from UVM is a blessing. He and Ethan have a very close relationship and it’s good that they have each other.  They are both very funny and the house is filled with laughter most days.
    We love seeing how our community is coming together to support each other.  This sense of national unity is reassuring and heartwarming.  
    Not being able to see our friends and family has been difficult.  Our daily routines have changed drastically.  All of us were going to the gym almost every day. We are adapting to our new normal, finding ways to stay connected and healthy.  
    The uncertainty around the duration is daunting if given too much thought.

  • We definitely have a greater appreciation for time with friends and family. Dan has been keeping the house stocked with food and all the essentials while also giving us peace of mind. We are grateful for the technology and the amazing educators that make it possible for Ethan and Dominic to continue their learning.  Elizabeth is grateful to work for a wonderful company that supports working from home.  The sense of normalcy and structure is so important for all of us. 

  • We worry about the health and safety of our family members and friends who are considered high risk. We are very concerned about small businesses and the people they employ.  
    Our love and gratitude goes out to those who continue work in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.
  • Loss of work and income-
    Inability to perform live music and continue our normal active high energy lifestyle.
    Positives- time with family, completing home projects and focusing on what’s important.
  • Time with family enjoying the little things in life and perspective on what’s truly important.
  • I see the social media panic and the conspiracy theory and politics creating anxiety stress and division. Its not helping anyone.
    Serenity-  be aware of what is out of your control and what you can not change. Relax…be diligent and change the things you can control for greater good.  Be wise to know the difference and appreciate and enjoy life in what ever capacity you can each and every day.

  • Difficulty getting products; hate seeing my friends struggling to keep their businesses open; recovering from a life threatening illness and have to be super careful to protect me from other people

  • It’s spring time. Able to spend time outside with my granddaughter and my dogs.

  • People…Use some common sense–wash your hands, avoid anyone ill, stay home if YOU’RE sick, and stop touching your face.
  • Positive– Quality family time, because we are usually rushing around.  Movies/board games/video games/cooking/baking
    *Makes us appreciate our health, ability to come and go.
    *Negatives–Not working, not being able to see and spend time with other family members & friends.
    *Canceling family vacations
  • Health!  Life!  Family! Work! And being able to just go somewhere.
  • *The kids are concerned with things becoming–More widespread causing many people to get sick & how long it will last.
    *Economic downturn, poss layoffs.
  • It has been an interesting time. We have been blessed that Kevin was told when this first started that he needed to work from home unless he was needed in the office- that hasn’t happened. I work in Central Office for a school district. It has been stressful as we try to remain calm for the students, staff, and our own families. As of Friday, I have been allowed to work from home as well. We are grateful to have jobs that afford us that ability and not be faced with layoffs as well. The constantly changing information makes it hard not to get anxious.
    It has been hard for the kids to not be in school and see their friends, but I think they are appreciating the slower pace this is bringing with it. We are thankful for our faith and church family who have been very helpful during this time.
  • We plan to take away how to be more prepared, the slower pace, and our time together. 
  • Not knowing when  they will see their friends in person again?
    Will the band/chorus have their Disney trip rescheduled?