Portrait Session

These sessions are designed for a child/children, couples, and a family portrait. The collection you choose will have an important role in building family history. They are a gift you give yourself, your children, and generations to come. Charleen’s has a beautiful selection of Framed Collages, Albums, Pre Designed Collections and so much more to choose from.

Portrait sessions can be done in the studio, at a special location, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Beautiful portraits are not expensive… they’re priceless!


Children / Family / Engagement Session


The Classic Session is a great way to get a good variety of images with your family and pets. This session takes place at our studio and includes in studio portraits, outside studio portraits or both. This is a one outfit session – no clothing changes. This session may not be rescheduled for a later date if the weather does not cooperate. This 60 minute session allows plenty of time to create multiple portrait combinations that create a variety of prints to hang in your home. This collection includes:



Children / Family / Engagement Session

$350 Session Fee

This creative session is the perfect way to get variety and take the show on the road! This session can take place at our studio or a location of your choice within 30 minutes of the studio. This 2 hour session allows for a large variety of poses and combination. We can go to a local park, downtown area, river, lake… the possibilities are endless. Unlimited clothing changes, props and pets are welcome within the time frame allowed. Charleen will help you select the images for your collections and show you the best collections for your home décor. This collection includes:


Children / Family / Engagement Session


The ultimate session to show off your family’s personality! This 4 hour session allows plenty of time to travel to a location of your choice that is within 30 minutes of the studio. We can go to your home, downtown area, rivers… the possibilities are endless. Unlimited clothing changes, props and pets are welcome. This collection includes:

What to expect at your session

Once you have your session date, you will want to start planning everything you will need for it. Be sure to have all your clothes ready and ironed the day prior. If you have small children try not to get stressed or feel rushed, children pick up on our emotions very quickly and can start to feel uneasy about the session if they sense you are.

Don’t try a new hairstyle just for your session; have it cut about a week before your appointment. Fresh, natural makeup as well as “evening” makeup photograph well.

Problems with glasses can lead to extra retouching charges. We can remove normal glare on glasses, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened even with artwork. If your glasses are tinted or exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photographs the eye. In this case, you should ask your optometrist for a pair of plain glass frames to wear for your portrait session.

In a family group, proper clothing coordination is critical. When decorating a home, a major concern is to coordinate the colors and tones of the walls, carpets, drapes, and furniture. Similar coordination is necessary when selecting clothing for a group portrait. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out because the clothing is too light or bright as compared to the rest of the group. Bold stripes, plaids, checks, and prints are visually confusing and do not photograph well.

Why choose Charleen


Charleen will treat you like the unique individual that you are. She listens to your ideas and asks questions so both you and your family get exactly what you want. Most importantly, she makes the extra effort to make sure your portraits are creatively unique, unlike anybody else.

Have More

Your portraits are a big deal. You want to look great and have fun while being yourself. Charleen’s creative talent and broad experience will help you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable at your session. When you feel good while being photographed, you’ll look great in your portraits!


Kids are curious, rambunctious, sometimes shy, and like to do things on their own terms. We expect kids to be kids and Charleen’s experience and patience can wrangle the meltdowns and help the shy kids come out of their shell allowing you to enjoy the session.

Customer Service

You want a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, listens to your ideas, and goes the extra mile. Charleen understands what it feels like to be camera shy and will make sure you have not only a great experience, but also the best possible portraits.

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