A Magical Santa Experience

Magical Santa Experience - Charleen's Portrait Studio

A Magical Santa Experience

Come and experience the Magic November 2020!

What is the Magical Santa Experience?

Visiting Santa in our Storybook setting is VERY different from anything you have encountered before. It is here, that your child will become the star in a beloved old fashion Christmas storytelling experience.

Our Magical Santa Experience offers your child a unique opportunity like never before. Take a step back in time where you will greet Santa in a private setting for an unforgettable new take on “pictures with Santa”.

During your one hour time with us, Santa’s stories begin to unfold allowing your children to experience moments with him like never before, moments we capture for years to come.

As soon as you settle in, the timeless spirit of Christmas will overwhelm you.  You’ll sit back and watch your children experience the magic, love, hope and wonderment that Santa brings.  Your heart will fill with laughter, joy and even tears while you’re here.

As your children are swept away into the magic of our Magical Santa Experience, we set the stage and capture the real emotions and the real smiles.  Your children’s imagination will run wild as our story-line unfolds. During your one hour time with us, Santa’s stories begin to unfold. Your child will share their favorite gifts from years past, enjoy milk and cookies with Santa, peek into his magical bag, check the nice list and much more – all allowing your children to experience moments with him like never before, moments we capture for years to come.

Santa and your photographer, Charleen will have your children completely engaged and excited, while creating and capturing memories that you and your family will cherish forever!

Our studio works hard creating and capturing the most AMAZING & MAGICAL experience possible for you and your children! We welcome and encourage parents to be apart of the magic and photographs too!!

This session is sure to entertain both young and old, as this timeless tale becomes a real live storytelling adventure.  Both children and adults alike will embrace the wonderment of the holidays during this hour long session of interacting activities spent exclusively with Santa.

After the portrait session you will scheduled a time to come back and view your images. Come and discover how our Magical Santa Experience holds the greatest memories of all.

Beautiful Hand-Crafted Heirloom Quality Art Prints

What is included in the
Magical Santa Experience?

  • One-Hour Private time with Santa
  • Santa's Magical Gift Set, when you schedule before Nov. 8th
  • Wardrobe Provided in a variety of sizes
  • Milk and Cookies with Santa, reviewing the Nice List and
    much more quality time with Santa
  • A private slideshow viewing and ordering consultation
  • Shareable social media files of all photographs you purchase
  • Your Magical Santa Experience investment of $349 includes
    all of the above plus,
  • A Print Credit of $150 toward heirloom quality art prints

How to book your
Magical Santa Experience

To book your own Magical Santa Experience, call us at the studio to set up a personal phone consultation or if you already know you are ready for an experience that will last a lifetime, book online now!

Book before our deadline and receive Santa’s Magical Gift Set as part of your session!

Magical Santa Experience - Santa's Magical Gift Set

Here is a sneak peek at our Magical Santa Experience!

Pictures with Santa | Magical Santa Experience
  • Coordinating PJs provided for the kids
  • Santa's Magical Gift Set
  • Enjoy your images as Framed Metal Art Prints, Albums, Fleece Blankets and so much more!
Santa Portraits | Magical Santa Experience

Kids and Adults love our Magical Santa Experience!

Still have questions? Send us an email and we will get back to you!

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