As a photographer, and knowing how important light is to our physical and mental health, this technology resonates with me on so many levels. Photo Therapy Patches are a natural way to motivate and heal your body from within.

Let me share how this simple patch has helped me to improve my life.

Since early 2022 I was experiencing major fatigue, I could not wake up and just get up. I would allow myself to oversleep and yet still feel exhausted, I had no energy and was not feeling motivated. Now if you know me, I am a very outgoing person whose always on the move. I like to bike, hike, exercise, and have done triathlons. I enjoy getting out, meeting new people, and sharing my expertise in the field of photography. So much of what was happening to me such as fatigue, brain fog, and a few other issues that come as you age, was causing me to feel OLD! So I was convinced that this was it, this was just the next stage in my life and it sucks. Rendering to this feeling was certainly a blow to my self-esteem. I had to do something, this was not the quality of life I wanted for me or my family. 

I was looking for ways to help motivate me back to whom I want to be and how I want to feel again. In March of 2023 I did a Tony Robbins course (Unleash the Power Within) and part of his course was the conversation about Stem Cells, how they help to heal you and rebuild you and not just stop aging but reverse it. Stem Cell therapy has been working for so many people throughout the years to help aid in faster healing from surgeries to fighting disease. The cost for such services is in the tens of thousands, so I knew that option was not available to me. Then I remembered how my good friend Michelle, who by chance designed my logo and websites, had introduced me to X39 back in September of 2022. X39 is a photo therapy patch that helps to rebuild your own cells naturally. 

Foolishly, I did not use the patches she shared with me at that time. (Yeah right a simple patch that heals with light was going to help me! I am too far gone for anything like that). After starting Tony’s course, I quickly scrambled to find the patches that I had stored away in my makeup case. I put it on and during one of the meditation portions of Tony’s program, when I closed my eyes, I could see bubbles floating upward, almost as if you were looking at a carbonated drink. I knew something was happening, it was a great feeling and all I could think is that it felt like it was filling my body with light. I quickly called Michelle to find out more about the products and enrolled in a Silver kit. 

Since the start of my patches, I have regained my energy levels. I wake feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. I have ideas again! I know that sounds funny, but as a creative person I have a constant need to problem solve or envision new ways of approaching things. I don’t feel as stressed and I noticed people approach me more now than in the past as if a moth to the flame, or in my case to the light my body is emitting. I have started my family on the patches and can happily say they too have been receiving noticeable benefits from them.

I am sharing this information for those, who like me, want an alternative to a pill. 

> No pharmaceuticals.
> No injections.
> Vegan friendly.
> Non-transdermal.
> Non-invasive.
> Latex free.
Just a simple patch!


“The Sun Story” – A simple story of how the patches work.

When you’re in the sun the light rays signal the body to increase Vitamin D production in your body. The x39 activation patch doesn’t need the sun. Our bodies also emit light and heat which is reflected off the X39 patch and focuses in back into your body.

The organic crystals in the x39 activation patch change the wavelength of the light in a process called photobiomodulation. The new ‘wavelength of light’ then signals your body to increase production of GHK-CU, a copper peptide that has been proven to increase cell activity and reset your body to a younger, healthier state.

These newly active, younger, and healthier cells start repairing your whole body, giving you all the health benefits.

When you put activated, younger cells on tissue, you turn the tissue young again.

It is that simple and that complex!

If you feel good, you're going to look great!
This is just one of the reasons why I have chosen to add Photo Therapy to my list of services that I provide my customers.