Charleen’s Portrait Studio Santa Experience for 2018

$99 Session Fee, Save $50 if you book by 9/8/18. 


 What is a Santa Experience and why is it different from others:

Thank you stopping in to find out more on what our studio has to offer when it comes to the a Santa Experience at Charleen’s Portrait Studio!

The images created at Charleen’s are beautiful! The set is designed to give depth to the images, with real props. You will see expressions and beautifully lit faces that allow you to feel the story as it unfolds.

Charleen is a Master at helping children feel comfortable during the session and can create images from sessions that some parents thought might have been impossible. Charleen understands and knows that every child has their own pace and their level of comfort. Charleen will help to keep the session fun and interactive. Most the time the children forget she is even there because they feel so relaxed and become so engaged.

Charleen will created a variety of images with lots of interacting and natural expressions! Lots of care go into making sure you enjoy the results in beautiful portrait collection that you will be proud to display in your home and to give to your family and friends.


How to plan for your session:

It is important to plan ahead so that you have as little to no stress the day of the session.

Tip 1: One week prior to your session you will want to have everything you plan to bring. Make sure all outfits fit nicely and are complimentary to each other.

Tip 2: If you child is need of a hair cut please be sure to do this one to two weeks prior to your session. That way it gives a fresh-cut a little bit to relax and blend in. Make sure you have all your hair accessories ready and available and they match your child’s outfits.

Tip 3: Plan your time accordingly based on your youngest child and their nap times if at all possible.

Tip 4: Bribery – We have all been there and we know it can work when used with care. If you feel you will need to bribe your child during this session, please let us know in advance so that we are a team effort. And never give a child a bribe before or during the session. It must be always be rewarded after the session is over.

Tip 5: Relax! Don’t worry if your child is acting up and please do not feel the need to try to assist Charleen with making you child smile. She has been doing this for a very long time and we promise she will work her magic to make sure every session unfolds naturally and beautifully. We promise Charleen will ask you to help her only if she feels she needs assistance.


Where can I find cute outfits – Clothing ideas:

When choosing what your child should wear, you will want to keep in mind the simpler the better! We love Beautiful formal ware to bare feet and pajamas. If shoes are worn please make sure they are clean, appropriate for the outfit and they fit well.

Try to keep you outfits as solid as possible – staying away from loud prints and distracting patterns. As they can take the attention away from the emotion of the images.

Here are a few links we love when it comes to pajamas:

Potter Barn for Boys and girls

For Adults

Night Gowns


Great Ideas on how to display your images:

Our beautiful folios and gift boxes allow you to share your images at any time of year or store them away and bring them out for each season.

And there is no better way to share the joy of your session then with our Christmas cards!




Packages and Pricing:

Click on the link to see what package works best for you! Keep in mind this is the only time Charleen offer her digital files for sale!!


Thank you stopping in to find out more on what our studio has to offer when it comes to the a Santa Experience at Charleen’s Portrait Studio!

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