Meet the pets from our contest-Mia

Our Pet Photo Contest is in full swing. Over the next few weeks we want to introduce you to some of the amazing pets that have entered. Some you may know from previous years and some are new to our contest this year.

First up is Mia. She’s a Chihuahua Yorkie mix and is 3 years old. She’s full of spunk and love (and is super cute, lol!). She loves a warm lap, snuggling on the couch, and has been know to sneak food from plates.

According to mom, Mia LOVES to play fetch.She could play at the dog park for HOURS and come home and STILL want to play fetch. She prefers the toys with the LOUDEST squeakers in them. The louder the better. She will sit there and just squeak the toy for a few minutes before she comes over to you and watch you TRY to get the toy from her mouth.

Recently Mia spent 5 days in Tufts hospital because she had fallen ill with meningitis. Even this didn’t slow her down!  She came home and it was instantly like nothing had ever happened. She was still the fun, hyper little “pup”. She is on 4 different medications for a year when she can be tested again to see how she’s doing. Mia does NOT like taking her medicine and makes sure everyone knows it!

Mia is a little dog with a BIG personality. She’s been known to play the diva card. If you take her toy away when playing she’ll give you the stink eye then walk away and not come if you call her. She can also be a bit jealous of her sister from time to time.

Even though she can be a diva, she’s also very loving. She loves people. She may be shy at first but once she gets to know you she’ll shower you with affection. If you’re having a bad day she knows. Her remedy? Kisses which instantly make you feel better. She also tries to take care of her older sister, Princess, whose going blind. Mia will go up to her (even though Princess is old and grumpy) and clean her eyes, almost as if to help her see better.

We love getting to meet dogs like Mia every year. Our contest has been extended to February 23rd. It’s not to late to bring in your furry friend. Click here to schedule your appointment today.





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