Meet our Contestants- Pepper and Marion

This week we want to introduce you to 2 more contestants in our contest.
Pepper and Marion were both adopted from ECCR back in June of 2018. In fact they were actually adopted one day apart from each other. I contacted their family and they told us the following story:
“My 9 year old son saw Pepper on their adoptables page and we went to an event and he happened to be there. We were just going to “look” and needless to say, the moment he saw Pepper he fell in love. I had been seeing Marion on ECCR FB page and she kept popping up in my feed. Her foster mom had posted a short video of her with a toddler family member and I saw how gentle and friendly she was. I mentioned her to Vicki at the event and she told me that she was traveling down to NJ the next day for an event and would bring Marion back up to CT. I spoke with her foster mom and Marion came to be with ECCR after a Good Samaritan found her with a broken leg on the side of the road in Georgia. She and Pepper are truly inseparable and do everything together!”
These two pups bring so much love and joy to their families. Pepper is true to his hound dog nature and he loves to sleep and cuddle. He’s got the sweetest brown eyes and is truly a gentle spirit. Marion is another gentle giant. She LOVES attention! Her hobbies also include lounging and cuddling. She is a classic wiggle butt and always greets her family with genuine excitement.
Due to inclement weather we opened up one last Saturday on March 9, for our pet contest. Click the link to schedule your session online. The fee is a 20 pound bag of dog food or $20 worth of pet supplies which will go to ECCR to help support their mission. Support a great cause, and celebrate your pet!

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