Meet our Contestants- Penny and Norman

Today we want to introduce you to two more of our lovely contestants in this years Pet Photo Contest. Both of these pets belong to the lovely B Family who absolutely adore them.
First up is Penny. She’s an adorable Bullmastiff and is 6 years old. She’s a seasoned pro in our contest and has been in several of our yearly pet calendars. She’s a true love bug and loves everyone. There is one thing she doesn’t love, however, and that’s getting wet! Rain, snow, baths, they all make her miserable and pout. Her portrait this year is a bit ironic as it features her in a scene with a sleigh and snow!
Next is up Norman. He’s a 2 year and 9 month old hamster. The average life span of a hamster is about 2 years so his family is very happy he’s still in their lives and was able to make the contest this year. His family said that though he may be small he’s brought them so much joy and that he’s a truly cherished pet. When I reached out to the B Family to learn more about Norman mom said the following which I think really says it all:
“Back in 2016 when we first got him, one of my sons would read to him every night(Humphrey the hamster series) and was actually able to overcome his stutter when he spoke from all this practice with Norman. So, as you can imagine he means so much to our family and we all will truly miss him when he passes. We love the photo that Charleen took of him-we like to joke that it is Norman in an end of life crisis!” (We’re not posting the final photo until voting beings so you’ll have to wait and see why Norman is having a mid life crisis!)

Norman is a great example that this contest is not just for dogs! Over the years we’ve had a range of animals from cats to bunnies. Our contest has been extended to February 23rd. It’s not to late to bring in your furry friend. Click here to schedule your appointment today.


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