Meet our Contestants- Mia

We’ve extended our Pet Photo Contest! We will also be offering appointments this Saturday February 23rd. We still have some appointments left so don’t forget to schedule in your furry friend!

This week we want to introduce you to Mia. She’s a beautiful lab/pit mix adopted from East Coast Canine Rescue last May. She’ll be turning 1 this month. Her family describes her as energetic, friendly and playful. Her favorite hobbies include running, running and running! She loves to just run around in circles as fast as she can. She’ll circle around the outside of her home and yard again and again. Mia also enjoys playing tug of war with her rope and has been known to hide when it’s bath time.

In addition to loving to run, Mia also loves to be around people and other animals. She can often be found playing with other dogs, especially her “bestie” an 8 year old boxer. She tries to play with her 2 feline sisters but they want no part of it. She can be very persistent though, LOL!

Mia is an all around loving and fun dog. She loves to squeeze next to you on the couch and snuggle. She also loves to give kisses and likes to rub her chest on your feet.

When I asked Mom for more details she said the following: “She has fit in well with our family even turning me, who wasn’t fond of dogs, into a dog lover.  I cannot imagine this family without her. The love and excitement she shows every day when each of us gets home is unconditional. Saving her is definitely one of the best things we have done. She truly is the best dog.”

It’s for this exact reason that we hold this contest every year. We want to show our support for places like ECCR, who find loving forever homes for dogs in need.


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