Glass Negative Restoration

Some of our readers may not realize that we’re more then just a portrait studio. In fact, we have a full print lab in house which is something of a rarity these days. This gives us the unique ability to offer extra services like photo restoration. Recently we had a very interesting restoration project. While our lovely client wishes to remain anonymous, he did write up an entry he wanted us to share on our blog.

“This picture you’re looking at is a finished photo from a negative on glass made on July 4th, 1908 in Danielson CT. It is one of many photos made on glass by Henry McEven. He made many others and donated all but this one to the Killingly Historical Society in CT. This negative on glass is the only one available today.

It was recently reproduced by Charleen’s Portrait Studio. Charleen used her personal expertise to bring it back to its fullness after 110 years of disregard! The negative was in fair condition when she started. She did an excellent job restoring this picture as you see it now in 2018.”

Below you can see a photo of the original glass negative.


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