Meet the B Family

Recently we had the privilege of photographing the wonderful B family. Their handsome little guy was only a few weeks old. Mom and Dad were quite the team. They worked together to make taking care of a newborn seem effortless.  So we asked them what their secrets were and how their lives had changed since this little cutie came into the world.

CPS: What’s it like being new parents?

“You learn to cherish the limited alone time you now have with your spouse. It’s more important than ever to make sure we communicate (and apologize for the things you say when you are tired!) It’s also great being able to share such a life changing moment with the one you love.”

CPS: How have things changed for you now that he’s here?

“You quickly discover what you can and cannot do with only one free hand! You have to accept that some things might not get done and that’s ok, the first month especially. Soak up the time with you little one because it goes by fast. The dishes will get done eventually.”

CPS: What were you thoughts the first time you held him in your arms?

“I can’t believe we’re parents! After waiting for what feels like an eternity, staring down at your little baby for the first time makes all the pain and exhaustion melt away. You want to soak in every little detail.”

CPS: How did you choose your baby’s name?

“We didn’t do any name research. His name just stood out to us and we loved it!”

CPS: What’s the best part about being new parents?

“There’s nothing better than seeing that first little smile when your little one recognizes your face.”

CPS: Do you have any advice for new parents or parents to be?

“Don’t worry about getting everything right! We did a lot of research on sleep routines, baby activities, etc before he was born, but everything just falls into place. What may work for one person’s baby won’t necessarily work for you little one so do what works for you.”

Their session was full of laughter and love. It was true pleasure getting to capture these special moments between them. We sincerely wish this wonderful family the very best on their new adventure.


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