Meet Taylor

Recently we had the privilege of photographing Taylor P., a local 2016 high school graduate. We were all amazed with how much she has already accomplished in her life. Not only has she been crowned Queen of Plainfield but she’s also a 3rd degree black belt instructor, and a softball player!

Even with such an impressive list of credentials she is a fun, down to earth girl who was a blast to work with! When asked to describe herself she states; “Overall I’m an adventurous person and love animals. My favorite place to be is at the beach, with the sand between my toes. I love to read and laugh… even though sometimes I may laugh a little too easily.”


How long have you been doing each activity and what made you get started?

 I started karate after watching the karate school I go to do a demonstration at a local store. I started when I was 7, and have been doing it for about 11 years. I saw it as a really cool way to learn how to protect myself and develop some self-confidence and now it’s my life and I teach it to others.

I started playing softball when young. I did tee ball and little league and stopped for a while then started up in middle school and played right through high school. It’s so fun and challenging it’s been such a great experience learning how far I can push myself to get better and playing with some of my friends. I have always loved watching baseball so it was naturally something I admired.

As a young girl I had danced and did it for 11 years. I always loved being on stage and having the lights on me. At one point when I was in middle school I was on a competitive dance team and I loved it, but once high school came around I decided I should focus on karate, softball and school. In my Junior year of high school I went to the Miss Plainfield Rotary Pageant to watch some of my older friends on stage. It looked like so much fun so I decided to do it my senior year. It gave me the chance to spend time with my friends and get back up on stage and be myself. I love dressing up and having fun so I was naturally in my element. I was able to dance on stage with the other contestants and it felt great. Fortunately my character, confidence, and happiness on stage helped me win the pageant and be crowned the Queen of Plainfield and I am so honored.

Now that summer’s here do you have any big summer plans?

The majority of my summer plans consist of going to the beach with my friends… A lot, and working. Also, I’m planning on going to Ohio to visit my boyfriend at school.

As a high school graduate what are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to attend Rhode Island College, earn a degree in biology, then go to school to become a physician’s assistant.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years from now, I see myself in North Carolina with my family and on my first year in PA school… And maybe even a co-owner of a karate school with my father and brother.


It’s clear that Taylor will succeed at whatever she puts her mind to. Best wishes in accomplishing all your dreams and goals!


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