Meet the Pets (part 3)

Our annual Pet Contest is in it’s final week! We still have a few appointments left if you want to bring your pet in and help a great cause. This year we are working with East Coast Canine Rescue. To learn more about this amazing organization, click the link: ECCR

We want to help you get to know all of our lovely and amazing contestants. Many of these wonderful animals were rescued and adopted through ECCR. Every week leading up to the contest voting we will be sharing blurbs about each participant. Some you may recognize from previous years but we also have lots of new faces this year. Here are some of the amazing pups that have come in so far!

RUSTY: This adorable Cocker Spaniel is 7 years old. He comes to us with a funny story! “One evening while walking Rusty down a relatively deserted beach, I was enjoying the nice leisurely stroll and the beautiful sunset.  Rusty was walking beside me and staying close, so I had loosened by grip on his leash.  While I was watching the sunset, Rusty noticed that a person was laying on the beach about 100 yards away and it piqued his interest.  In fact, he decided that he wanted to go meet that person, and took off down the beach toward the unsuspecting person resting in the sand – tearing the leash from my hand. When I looked down to see that he was running toward a person – I immediately began to pursue him.  Unfortunately for me, and the man who was resting on a blanket in the sand with his eyes closed, Rusty was much faster than I was and reached him in very little time.  Rusty was excited to meet this new person, and as he does whenever he meets someone new – he jumped right on the belly of the resting beachgoer. The introduction certainly took the man by surprise, and I’m not sure who jumped higher – him or Rusty. But he was a good sport about it and after the initial shock, he gave Rusty some attention and I eventually caught up to him and embarrassingly took his leash back in my hand as I apologized.” Needless to say, Rusty loves making friends! His family describes him as loyal and happy.

MAXWELL: You might remember this darling from last year. He’s still as sweet as ever. He’s 12 years old and 7 pounds. He still loves going places with mom and is enjoying his new role of being a brother.

WINSTON: This guy is beyond cute! He’s a 12 week old Yorkie pup and only weighs 3 pounds! I think me might be our smallest contestant so far. He’s also Maxwell’s new brother.

PIPER: This beautiful Dachshund is 1 year old. She has the most gorgeous green eyes and adorable floppy ears. She loves to play with squeaky and crinkle toys. She also loves snacking on green beans!

PRINCESS PENELOPE: This princess is a 14 year old Pug. Though her hobbies include eating and sleeping, she still loves getting out and making people smile. She doesn’t let her age get in the way and often participates in walks by riding in her stroller. She deserves to take it easy as she’s been a service dog since she was 6 months old. She’s described as “amazing.” Everywhere this cutie goes people are drawn to her and so many random people ask to take her picture. You can also find this pup on Instagram where she has 6,525 followers!

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