Back to School

Did you know Charleen’s Portrait Studio does school portraits too? You may have swung by the studio in the past month only to find we’re closed. This is because we’ve been off on location at local schools. In fact we have 8 different schools from all over Eastern Connecticut that we have the privilege of providing portraits for. This week we’re giving you a peek at what a day on location at school is like…

Processed with Rookie Cam
Up before the sun to guarantee we’re set up before school has begun. 


Early morning is hardly my favorite time though the drive does provide some beautiful scenery. 


First to arrive at the school. We make our way to the gym where we set up for our day.


It’s all hands on deck! We make sure each kid looks great! This includes having assistants at hand to help smooth and comb hair, and wipe faces. 


And with the help of Pickles we’re able to get some super cute smiles from the little ones!

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